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Low Impact Paintball:
Our mission is to grow paintball by providing consumers of all shapes, sizes, gender and abilities an experience that provides the adrenalin rush and inner competitive spirit of the highest levels of competitive paintball. Most importantly it provides the consumer an experience that ends in a splat. Not everyone is ready to step onto the .68 caliber field, but thru low impact paintball, more people are likely to take the first step in their personal paintball journey. With a compact, lightweight, rugged design, at reduced velocity the equipment is perfect for younger people, corporate groups, and women. With layered playing opportunities between SplatMaster, Low Impact, and traditional 68 caliber paintball, we as an industry have the ability to bring in new players and provide a memorable experience that keeps them coming back for more.



*****Our facility is FIELD PAINT ONLY

3 Hour Rental Package (Marker,Mask,Hopper,Unlimited Air/Field and 500 paintballs) $35


 Paintball Marker Rental starting from $10


 Co2/Compress Tank Rental $5


 Paintball Mask Rental $5


Electronic Paintball Hopper Rental $5


All day Field/Air $20


500 rounds (Basic Paintballs) $15


500 rounds (Premium Paintballs) 25


2,000 rounds (Basic Paintballs) $45/case


2,000 rounds (Premium Paintballs) $55/case


2,000 rounds (Tournament Grade) $74/case


Splat Kids


10 mask, 10 guns and UNLIMITED paintballs for 2 1/2 hrs.

add $25 for each additional player Perfect for kids from 5-10 yrs old

3 hrs Rental


All gear included with 500 paintballs Mask,gun,unlimited air, field access

Party Deposit


Please call FIRST to make your reservation  

****PLEASE CALL FIRST (904.651.7520) to make an appointment